Honey is a very rare commodity these days, by which I mean pure, untreated, cold-pressed and ecologically farmed honey that you can use in small healthful quantities as perhaps the most extraordinary food substance on earth.

Here at NZ Honey we are in the early stages of creating our own brand of this magical nectar, so do watch this space as it all comes together.

Our honey will not only be sourced from one of the last ecological wildernesses on the planet, it will be rich with natural propolis and pollen, and come with the stamp of approval of bestselling honey-guide Piers Moore Ede who called it ‘the most exceptional honey I’ve tasted in many years.’

Thanks to Sue Allen for all her work bringing it to the UK. Visit Sue’s site Plankton for Health for some of her marine phytoplankton powder. Sue will be working from her basement in Primrose Hill to package and ship the honey out as of Autumn 2022.